Friday, January 27, 2017

Improving Your Content

1 Have rich, original content that isn't copyrighted. You will need to have original content that complies with the program policies of Google Adsense in order to qualify for the program.

  • The content can be hosted on a website, a blog, or other apace. If you're just copying and pasting a lot of other people's stuff, though, you might not get approved. don't use copyrighted images, either.
  • Create subpages on your website that make it look more professional. Google is going to look at all pages of your website to judge its professionalism. so there are some pages you can create that help give this impression.
  • Create a privacy and disclaimer policy on your website, as well as a page devoted to terms of usage. proofread all pages so they are clear of spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make sure the content us page has clear information about who you are. Google Adsense wants to make sure it can verify who you are. Similarly, you should have an about us page, and use your name and address on it that match that which you used to apply for Google Adsense. Make the website's mission clear.